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Our Schools

Feversham Nursery Undercliffe

For Pupils

Care, Guidance and Support


Vertical Tutoring system

Vertical tutoring is a system of organising students into tutor groups placing their academic and pastoral care at the heart of the school. Students are in tutor groups of no more than 20 and each tutor group has a mixture of students from each year group.

This allows the form tutor to know every student, allows us to mentor and monitor the academic progress and personal development of every student. It promotes equal opportunities for all students, greater parent partnership, enhanced student voice and student leadership, and encourages good citizenship.

Safer Schools Partnership

The Safer Schools Partnership is a collaboration between West Yorkshire Police, the Local Education Authority and Feversham Academy.

The aim of the partnership is to ensure the safety of staff and students within the Academy and this is achieved by:

  • Working with school staff and parents to promote a safer school environment,
  • Helping students who may be at risk of bullying or behaviours which may lead to them being victims of crime,
  • Supporting students to develop an understanding of personal safety,
  • Mentoring individuals and groups to develop a greater sense of responsibility,
  • Increasing understanding of anti-social behaviours or offenses,
  • Engaging students with behaviour difficulties who may be at risk of exclusion,
  • Creating a positive relationship between students, the police and the wider community,
  • Advising on issues outside of school which may impact on students behaviour or safety,
  • Working with school staff to improve the attendance and punctuality of individual students.

At Feversham we work with PC Donna Hassan as part of the partnership.