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Feversham Nursery Undercliffe

For Parents


Homework will be set and marked regularly.

Our aim is that all students at Feversham Academy achieve their potential and we believe homework is very important part of this. It encourages students to develop their organisational skills, independent thought processes and individual study skills. Homework helps students reflect on what they have done at the Academy. It gives them the opportunity to test their knowledge and make sure of their own learning. Students cannot complete the work required for GCSE without homework.

In Key Stage 3 students will have a homework timetable. There will be an expectation that students complete 5 to 7 hours of homework per week.

In Key Stage 4 the expectation is that students complete at least ten hours of private study per week.

For homework to be effective the Academy needs parents co-operation. You can support your daughter by:

  • Checking the student planner to see what homework they have been given
  • Providing time and space for learning at home
  • Talking to them about what they are doing
  • Asking them to explain it to you
  • Helping and guiding them when needed
  • Making it part of their daily routine.

To help promote the daily routine of recording and planning homework students are issued with a student planner. This will also be used to help communication between the Academy and home.



Having the right equipment is important to make sure that all work is presented to a good standard.

The minimum that all students need is:

  • Pencil case with blue or black pens, pencils, rubber, sharpener
  • Ruler (30cm), protractor, compasses
  • Coloured pencil crayons
  • Calculator
  • School bag (suitable for carrying books in good condition).