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Our Schools

Feversham Nursery Undercliffe

About Our School



Assalaam-Alaikum (Peace Be Upon You)

We are very proud of our progressive faith school which provides an outstanding quality of education within a positive learning environment.

Our students make an outstanding contribution to the school, not only in their academic studies but all round. They receive excellent care, guidance and support.

Our students speak very highly of the school and are actively involved in student leadership, fund raising, and peer mentoring.

Teaching and learning are 'outstanding' (Ofsted) at Feversham. Staff and students work extremely well together to achieve the best possible results. As a result Feversham Academy has been consistently ranked as one of the best schools in the country for value added.

We have a thriving Sixth Form and retention is very high. Our Sixth Form students contribute significantly to the effective and efficient running of the college. Approximately 90% of these students then continue into Higher Education, going onto pursue professional careers.

At Feversham we are fully committed to ensuring each student achieves their potential in every aspect of their education.

The success of the school is down to the hard work and relationship between students, parents, staff, Governors and stakeholders.

As a Teaching School and Academy Sponsor we are a significant contributor to headship development, teacher training and improving the quality of teaching across the district. Pupils only get one chance; it is our collective responsibility to ensure we get it right for all students.

Sajida Muneer