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Our aim is to enable all our girls to develop the skills, attitudes and gain the knowledge that will help them to make Career and other decisions wisely.

We believe that the Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) is a vital part of every student’s education at the Academy. We are currently working towards an Investors in Careers Award incorporating guidelines from the Gatsby benchmarks (>>click here) and the Career Development Institute, Department of Education, Careers and Enterprise Company and Ofsted Recommendations.
At Feversham, the SLT lead for Careers is Mrs Abbott. Mrs Mohsin is also responsible for Careers and Mrs Terzic organises Work Experience and assists with other Careers related matters.

Our Careers Programme is mainly delivered through Citizenship lessons in Years 7 – 11 and in PDS in post 16, but, also has links in the curriculum, the GST programme and through assemblies.

Our Structure for the Careers programme from Year 7 to 11 can be seen >>here. All girls have the opportunity to discover and build upon their strengths and skills through this programme.

We host an annual Careers Convention with exhibitors from Colleges, Universities, Armed Forces, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Grocery and Business, NHS to name but a few. All girls will have the opportunity to take part in the Careers Convention this year which will be held in school on: Tuesday 20 November 2018.

This year we will be expanding our University Experiences by opening up trips to KS3. Contacts have been made with Bradford, Leeds, Huddersfield and York.

Professional Careers Guidance is provided through Amanda Sugden Rayner, an impartial Careers Advisor available to all students and parents. She attends Option Evening and Parent Evenings input.


All students have a personal log in to Fast Tomato, a Careers profile building site which can be adapted throughout the key stages. Logo

All Year 10 and 12 students go on Work Experience and many secure part time or seasonal holiday jobs as a result. Year 12 have a two week placement and Year 10 have a one week placement. This maintains  a positive relationship with local industry and gives the girls a real insight into the World of Work.

Links with External Agencies and Funding:

Feversham is pleased to announce its links with External Agencies and we have received funding to involve the following programmes:


Future First  – this programme develops an Alumni of fellow students  to assist us in inspiring girls in their future career choices.

We will also receive “World of Work “ workshops which will bring to life the variety of work and education options open to our girls. It serves to leave them better informed , more skilled and motivated to work harder. The alumni from  various careers to work with them on work based projects.

We are excited about this – Our Alumni page is under construction,. Our lead Programme officer from Future First is Alex Kiami . We have provisionally booked in some workshops for Feb/ March 2019 with the whole of Year 8 before they make their option choices.


We are also in the process of setting up Careers input with year 9  from NYBEP – Successful Futures.

Other links for this Academic year are with

Kathy Gargan- Business support leader of the Careers and Enterprise Company .

Caroline Gaskin from EDT -We will be looking at Stem visits for students

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